About Company

The “Akimov” Jewelry Company of Saint-Petersburg was founded in 1997 by Sergey Akimov, an artist, a jeweler, and a technologist.  
The best Russian jewelers had always considered it an honour to work for the Orthodox Church. The “Akimov” Jewelry Company had as well chosen the same direction.
Since being created the enterprise specializes in output of highly artistic jewelry of Orthodox subjects. These are crosses, small icons, shrine-crosses, rings, bracelets with embossed images of the saints, casted of gold and gilded silver, with gems and enameling. The Company name widely known both in Russia and abroad became a symbol of austere and at the same time exquisite style at the market of Orthodox jewelry.

For many years the team of the “Akimov” Company steadily keeps the highest level of all the output collections. That of course requires serious approach to artistic images and iconic program. Only being spiritually comprehended the piece is able to evoke a warm response in believer’s soul.

The main artistic principle of the company is creation of a new image in the context of the Orthodox canon. On all the pieces the faces of the saints are surely canonical, but they are always turned towards to a contemporary. All of them are newly created artworks. To create new images is not simple since required are serious historical and iconographic knowledge. Archbishop Nazarius, father superior of the Alexander Nevski Monastery stands surety for canonicity of the output collections.

According to Russian tradition the Company proceeds are partially directed to philanthropy.  They are transferred to the Orthodox radio station “Grad Petrov” of the Saint-Petersburg diocese; to the Center of social adaptation of orphaned and handicapped children under Nikolskoye parish; to the child's charitable Foundation ”Mercy for Children”; and to the “Christian Host”, charitable Foundation  of assistance and help under special department of Saint-Petersburg diocese for cooperation with armed forces and law-enforcement authorities. Besides, the Company is the permanent sponsor of “Nevskye Kolokola”, the annual International Festival of modern spiritual songs.